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We are new but our Success stories slowing been published with our existing customer base and new additions. We have been able to provide an extensive arm to the unstructured and unorganized sector by implementing a B2B Portal which will help connect the entire Gem Industry.
To provide a glimpse of the Project we have articulated the Concept for our readers.
The discreet and various stages in the entire life cycle of the gems world right from production / procurement to retail sales. In this journey from cradle to grave, we clearly see that there is no clear alignment between the players and operators in each of the segment.
Each distinct stage has a set of key players – some operate as corporations, while many others are independent. Even if the breakdown is analyzed from the size of players and their composition, there is no clear distinction or pattern. There are both public and private players across the entire spectrum of the industry.
This is exactly the reason why there is an imperative and compelling need to converge this industry into a single platform based community, allowing greater synergies and benefits for everyone.
If we distinctly understand the challenges and the imperatives from both the suppliers’ and buyers’ sides, it is very evident that there exists a very wide lacuna. This gap has persisted and is further increasing with the advent of newer and more sophisticated players in an ever increasing market place where the propensity of the buyers to purchase is increasing on a daily basis.
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