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SLCS Speciallizes Inproviding Highly Productive,Focused And Cost-Effective Business Excellence-Lean Six Sigma Training,Key Ingredients For Business Process Improvements And Productivity Enhancement. Participants Return To The Workplace And Immdiately Show Positive Results Which Benefits Them Personally As Also The Organizations That They Work For.
Our Syllabus And Course Methodology Is Reviewed At Regular Intervals To Ensure Continual Improvement. Unlike Tradition Taught Quality Management Courses,The Methods Used By Our Faculty Are Very User-Friendly And Trailored To Ensure Proper Understanding Of The Subject Class Exercises,Examples And Case Studies Are Industry Specific And Designed Specifically To Enable Retention And Application.

SLCS Training Offerings

Lean Six Sigma Training

It might be difficult to believe, but many organizations continue to live with defects, mistakes and wastages on a daily basis. Its just that these mistakes, wastages and losses often go unnoticed. The cost of such losses can be twice as high as an organization's salary bill! Lean Six Sigma methodology enables everyone in the organization to recognize such losses and make their processes more effective and efficient. In fact companies resorting to "layoffs" as a measure of cost-reduction would achieve much higher savings if they were to adopt the tools and techniques of lean six sigma.
Starting with Motorola in 1986, many organizations have moved to the lean six sigma methodology to improve their profitability by reducing the defect levels in their processes and eliminating the seven deadly wastes. It has been observed that over 50% of Fortune-500 companies use lean six sigma.....and the percentage of Fortune-100 companies relying on lean six sigma for profit-improvement is a whopping 82%!.
Six Sigma provides a common language and toolset that ensures the development and maintenance of the organization's design, control, and improvement processes. With lean six sigma in place, organizations can enjoy increased revenue through improved customer satisfaction, waste elimination, reduced costs of poor quality and decreased cycle times resulting in maximization of value for the shareholders.
SLCS brings all these benefits through courses such as six sigma yellow belt, Lean six sigma green belt, Lean six sigma black belt, Lean six sigma tools & Techniques that are the most preferred and followed by the organizations across globe
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